Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Just some work from a mini-project about East London. We have to present them to the class tomorrow and I'm petrified!


  1. hey Katie!
    Firstly i saw your comment on the last wishwishwish post and thought i'd help you out with the Lula query! You're guranteed to find any mags like that at R D Franks which is just off Oxford street, google it and it'l have a map, its just the most awesome cove of paper treasures, i get french mags from there.. if not then i know i saw Lula at the magazine stand outside Temple tube station so there maybe a couple left there!
    Also, i see you had to present East London to your new uni class! How did it go? at Middlesex, i had to present South London! I looked mainly at Richmond which is stunning, what did you find in East? Best thing about Richmond was a resturant on a boat on the river, just down from Richmond museum, check it out!
    Much love, Lucy xxxx

  2. lucy - thanks so much! i've only just moved to london so i have NO idea to start with things like this! that's so helpful, thank you :)
    yes! the presentation went very well, my group won a prize! (a marker pen...!) in east london there seemed to be quite an odd mix of snobby galleries where you have to buzz in (scary!) and really nice relaxed ones. a bit hit and miss! we found a place called the foundry, which is on great eastern street, which was a very strange pub/gallery/artist hangout with an equally strange manager! you should definitely go and have a look!
    thanks again :)